Weibull-R: Weibull Analysis on R

Weibull-R : Weibull Analysis on R

WeibullR has been on CRAN for since 2019. The engagement of several users has been encouraging. Yes, some bugs have been found and we continue to work through them. The latest in-progress version of WeibullR is available on R-Forge. Many thanks to the users who have provided input for these improvements.
Development has been completed on confidence interval bounds for 3-parameter models with true accounting for the uncertainty in the translation parameter (t0 to some, gamma to others). This has proven to be a bit of a pioneering effort, since very little reference to these particular bound methods has been identified. These bound selections have been incorporated in WeibullR since version 1.1.


As of June 2022, a significant addition has been built into a companion package, WeibullR.ALT, to handle analysis of accelerated life test data. With this development WeibullR itself has been boosted to version 1.2 and WeibullR.ALT is now hosted on CRAN.
A demonstration paper Accelerated Life Testing Application Development for Data Analysis has been posted detailing the development and use of this package.
Progress has been made in developing example cases for grouped inspection data and warranty data analysis.
Some interest is being pursued in developing new canvas selections for untransformed axis selections.
These new features, along with some of our favorites from the past are featured on the new repository. Please take some time to look these over. It would be a desire to build a community of users following and sharing issues through the GitHub resources.
Introducing WeibullR - A new tutorial providing a hand-holding approach intended for newest users with an easy introduction to the R platform is now available on
With the appearance of the gallery and tutorial it is time to put aside the older abrem package material. The R-Forge and GitHub repositories remain for those with nostalgic interest.

Shiny App

We will maintain this link to the shiny app developed by Carles C.G based on the older abrem package. Some users have expressed interest in pursuing such an app for WeibullR. The gallery repository would be a good place for this discussion.