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11/7/2016 Karthik wrote:
"Is there a way to use interval failure data to describe the time of failures?"
Jacob's Response:
"Yes, Interval data has been handled in abremDebias, although this was never implemented in the abrem application layer.
The dataframe object returned by function mleframe() is used as the primary data input to mlefit(). You can add any combination of complete failures, right-censored 'suspensions' or intervals in a batch of data. The man pages provide some simple examples.
The output of mlefit privides the relevant parameters for the chosen distribution (only weibull and lognormal are implemented), and the log-likelihood for the fit. Sorry no graphics."

8/22/2016 pingfreud wrote:
" I used abrem to perform Weibull analysis and I noticed it didn't have tools to compare samples directly.
I implemented one function for this:
With methods suggested by Gerald G. Brown and Hebert C. Rutemiller as described in "